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Determined to Obey on SALE for a Limited Time for 99cents

Greetings, Smutketeers!

I realize today is WIP Wednesday (WIP=Work in Progress) and you're most likely expecting another snippet from my upcoming work COMMITMENT. However! I recently released two Spanish language editions of my Dark Duet, spin-off novella: DETERMINED to OBEY and as part of the promotion, I was asked to write a 'deleted scene'. I jumped at the chance to write these three again. I love, love, love it when I get to play with my favorites.

What better way to bridge the English and Spanish editions than with a student/teacher scenario involving our eccentric Mexican warlord, his sinister partner in crime, and our young, innocent biker--Kid? I can't think of one.

Please enjoy! And afterward, go out and pick up your own 99cent copy of DETERMINED TO OBEY



by CJ Roberts

Celia laughs throatily. “We tich eashother how to spek. Felipe will help us in the beginning. He would never pass up the opportunity to play out his student-teacher fantasies.”

“Yeah, okay, that sounds good. What’d you say about Felipe?”


Felipe loves it when a plan comes together. Truthfully, he doesn’t read too many books, doesn’t have time for them. Being the CEO of an international criminal syndicate is very time consuming work. And in his free time—well—there’s always his queen, Celia, and now, their prince. No, Felipe doesn’t read too many books but he has always maintained a handsome library. It’s the perfect place to teach; just add a white board in front of some chairs.

Otra vez, desde el principio,” orders Felipe. It’s difficult to keep his arousal in check. He taps his long wooden ruler against the sole of his shiny oxford shoe. It’s important a teacher looks capable and prepared to teach his students.

Kid wipes his cheek against the back of the leather chair he’s been asked to straddle. His lean, healthy, and muscular thighs tremble with the strain of keeping his knees on the arms of the chair. Unfortunately, Felipe had to tie the boy’s hands behind his back. He kept trying to shield his beautiful naked skin and Felipe has no desire to really hurt him.

Finally, Kid gathers his courage. “Ah. Beh. Ch-Che. Ceh. Deh. Eh. Efe…. E-f-f-e….”

Felipe tsks, his little prince always forgets the ‘g’. He raises the ruler and brings it down on just under the boy’s quivering ass cheeks. The strike is only hard enough to startle the boy. “Heh.”

Kid, unable to rub his behind, settles for writhing against the leather of Felipe’s reading chair. He hasn’t checked yet, but he would bet money his boy’s cock is wet. “Continua.”

“Heh. Ach-eh. Ee. Hota. Kah… Ele.” He whimpers. “Fuck,” he mutters. “Double L,” he attempts.

Felipe cannot resist his own laughter and reaches to massage the tender, pink flesh of Kid’s backside. The boy tenses up, but then relaxes into the comforting touch. With a soft sigh, his body seems to melt into the chair. His knees nearly slip off the arms. Nearly, but Felipe can’t wait. When Kid isn’t expecting it, Felipe spanks the boy’s ass hard. “Eh-jeh.”

“Eh-jeh!” Kid cries. He’s wriggling, trying to shake off the stinging from his ass with nothing to rub against. Felipe rests his hand against the heat and the younger man moans and wiggles his ass in relief.

Celia’s feminine giggle draws both their attentions. “Ticher?” she begins in her thickly accented English, “May-be he lern more…” she struggles for the words, “if he is happy?” She shares a smile with Felipe when Kid enthusiastically nods his head and sniffles.

“How should we make him happy, Celia? What will make him learn?” It’s fun teaching them both. It may well become one of his favorite pastimes.

Pues, siempre le podia…

“In English!” Felipe smacks the leather chair with his full force. Kid yelps like he’s been struck.

Celia glares at him for correcting her but acquiesces, as always, to her master’s demands. “I could. To put heem in my mouse.” She raises a daring eyebrow. Felipe would not dare to laugh. Instead, he signals her to proceed.

Felipe urges Kid back onto his chest and wraps his arms around him. The leather is indeed damp where the younger man’s cock has been sliding against it. One look down reveals a partially roused and deeply pink cock; almost as pink as his ass and the back of his thighs. He’s jealous Celia’s the one who gets to suck it.

Celia climbs onto the back of the leather chair and slides her naked body down so she’s sitting in the seat at eye level with Kid’s cock. Slipping her hands down toward her wet slit, she takes the boy’s dick into the heat of her mouth with no warning. Felipe has to hold Kid firmly to keep him from thrusting. “Please. Oh, God. Please!” He begs. It’s the sweetest song Felipe has ever heard.

Felipe groans and resists the urge to rut against his pupil’s ass. He is a good and patient teacher. “Continua,” he whispers.

Kid whimpers, thrusts, and wriggles as he is caught between Celia’s mouth and Felipe’s strong hold. “Desde?” Felipe thinks about making him start from the beginning, but he relents because he knows the younger man has been through quite a lot today. In truth, he’s learning better than Celia. His queen is a stubborn little imp.

“Eh-jeh,” Felipe prompts.

“Eh-jeh,” Kid sighs. He rests his head back on Felipe’s shoulder. A perfect position for his every sound to tease his tutor’s ear. “Emmmmeh. En-eh.” He pauses and Felipe raises one of his hands to pinch a flat nipple. “En-yeh!” he mewls and arches his back. He starts fucking into Celia’s mouth. “Oh. Peh. Qu. Er-eh…. Please, please let me come. I want to come.” Celia hums and moans loudly around the boy’s flesh.

Felipe twists Kid’s other nipple. “En Español! Continua.”

Kid sobs, pushes the letter sounds out through gasping, hiccupping breaths filled with pure desperation. “E-rreh. Es-eh. Teh. Uuh. Veh.” Celia’s sucking sounds are louder and wetter. “D-doble-uh, oh-oh-fuck-oh.” He thrashes in Felipe’s arms. “Eh…Eh-kis, Eeeeeee-griegaahhhhh!” The boy starts coming down Celia’s throat without permission, thrusting with abandon, and begging his master’s forgiveness. He collapses against Felipe with a whispered: "Zetah.”

Felipe thinks—perhaps—Celia’s methods are slightly more effective.