Please check back later to join this exciting team!

street team

A Street Team is a group of people who help promote and/or publicize an author and their work through their social networks, reading groups, reviews etc.

What do you need to be a member of the street team?

  • A great attitude, energy, and passion!

  • It’s not essential that you have a blog, but it’s wonderful if you do.

  • Be active in your social networks. 

What will my participation be like as a member of the street team?

  • Each month, the street team will have one or two missions.

  • You will be given everything you need to complete your mission: graphics, links, etc.

What’s the benefit?

  • Advanced and exclusive news on any and all projects CJ Roberts is working on.

  • Advanced Read Copies (ARC) of yet to be published works.

  • A monthly chance to receive autographed books and swag.

  • Each month, the member who shows the most dedication will receive a complimentary swag pack.

  • All members will receive rewards when certain group goals are met (i.e. A certain number of likes, sales, etc).

What’s the small print?

The first rule of street team is: you don’t talk about street team.

  • Whatever is discussed in the group remains “in house”, be it business or personal.

  • As participants in the street team, your mission is to promote the author and their work. Any member having any affiliation with a pirate site/page, or engages in any practice contradictory to the groups mission will be removed from the street team and blacklisted by any author CJ can inform.

  • Participants are expected to be respectful of other members, authors, bloggers, and the reading community as a whole. Your actions impact the team. Be aware.

  • Inactive, inflammatory, or anonymous members will be removed from the group.

  • Members may leave the group at any time.

CJ Roberts, Neurotica Books LLC. reserves the right to remove members at will and to change the terms and conditions of membership after notifying members of the change.