Seducing Sunshine

Life is hard when you’re a boy named Sunshine.

His roommate, Trevor, has stolen his underwear, forcing him to wear the PRINCESS panties left in their stead. Trevor is always doing things like this, torturing poor Sunshine for no apparent reason...or so it seems.

It wouldn’t be such a big deal if it weren’t for the fact his best friend and woman of his dreams has demanded to see these panties in action. What’s a shy boy to do?

When Trevor catches his girlfriend in a very compromising position with his naive and gullible roommate, he decides to teach them both a lesson none of them will soon forget.

Things get hot and heavy between these three college students as they explore themselves, each other, and their boundaries.

Warning: This book contains androgynous college co-eds, cross-dressing, and bisexual acts between two men and one very lucky lady.